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Emergency Service

Our Services are catagorize as General OPD Service (Opening Hours 8am to 5pm ) and Emergency Service  (24/7) .  The patient who need prompt treatment due to serious or critical health condition, is send directly to the emergency ward. Health issues related to  Low Oxygen Level, High/Low BP, OPD (Chronic Obstetrics Pulmonary Disease) Asthma, Posion Case, Unconscious patient, BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) and some other viral and bactorial disease are treated in this ward.  In the case of  further observation needed  the patient will be admitted in IPD wards. We have two Amubulance standby for the Patients.

The community hospital is providing basic health care treatment services to the patients  through its skilled medical personnels. The Medical Team is lead by a Medical Doctor followed by a Health Asistant (HA), a Staff Nurse (SN),  a Community Medical Asistant (CMA), Auxiliary  Nurse Midwifes (ANMs) with SBA Trained, a Lab Asistant, a Radiographer, a Outreach Educator and a Pharmacist. A Hospital Management Committee  is formed at the local level with local volunteers who formulates norms nad management systems and are responsible to monitor hospital'sactivitie for furthur improvements.